Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wild Ideas!

Wild Ideas!

As the school year comes to a close, I am full of ideas for next year's classroom!
I am moving to a new classroom, so I have the chance to start over with decorating.  Here's my list of wild ideas!

1.  I am going to paint my classroom teal (or aqua or a pretty color of blue).
Kind of like the  color of this bedroom wall:

2.  I want to line my walls with black and have black and teal bulletin boards.  Like these:

3.  Then I want to make no-sew roman shades for my windows!  I watched some Youtube tutorials, and I totally think I can do it.  I am thinking of using this fabric:

or this one:

and then attaching teal ribbon to tie a bow with:

Sfs Turq 5/8In X18', , hi-res

4.  I am going to line my classroom walls with black border.  I did this in my old classroom and it really made it look sharp!

5.  I already have black bookshelves.  I think I will touch them up with black paint.

6.  Then, I want to find this rug and buy it!

7.  Finally, I want to find black or teal crates and zip tie them to make shelves!

I am hoping to find them in black.  I am also hoping they are cheap!  I think this will help my 6th graders-give them a spot to put their binders!

Well- that's as far as my ideas and thoughts have gone.  My chairs are already black- so that will be fit perfectly!

Do you have any ideas for me?  Or do you think this is a horrible idea that will back fire?

I am hoping I don't go broke trying to do this!  Where can you buy cheap black crates?  I haven't been able to find any so far.

Follow my blog as I re-create my classroom!  I am planning on taking before, during, and after pictures.  I really hope I can finish this room- makeover by August!

:)  Nala  Bella

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