Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Math Workshop: At your seat

Math Workshop

At your seat....

During Math Workshop, Students have seatwork to do by themselves.  This is the A in MATH.  At your seat.

The way I have it set up, 3 out of 4 groups meet with me for Teacher group before seatwork.  So, I can get them started on their assignment and make sure they can do it independently.  I can also modify their work.

The one group that does not see me before seatwork is my high group.  They try their seatwork on their own, and meet with me after.

This give them a challenge!  It also allows me to clarify or re-teach.  Usually their assignment is finished when they come to me, so we will start by grading it.  That gives me a quick idea of what problems they struggled with.

Quick and easy!

I explain the seatwork during my mini lesson at the beginning of class.  It's usually the worksheet pages from Math Expressions that match the lesson.

Well- that explains the AT YOUR SEAT center.  :)

Up next... How do I manage all these centers?  How do I find the time?  I will explain my shortcuts to getting it all done without staying after school.

Nala Bella

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