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My Morning Thrive Routine

My Morning Thrive Routine

So I have been getting tons of questions about Thrive!  What is it?  How does it work?
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I am going to try to answer some of those questions.
But first, here is my morning Thrive routine!

First, I wake up.  And yes, I look like a monkey when I am that sleepy!  Yikes!

Orphaned baby orangutans safe to sleep in peace

Then I go downstairs and I take the Women's packet of pills- it's just two.

I started my Le-Vel Thrive 8-Week Experience in July of 2013 as a promoter. I signed up as a Le-Vel Independent Brand Promoter at the urging of my ex sister-in-law, Connie. She was actually...

Then I go back upstairs and shower and get ready.  After that, I make my morning nutrition shake.  I like to add fruit and almond milk!  It is sooooo yummy.  The best part is, it doesn't irritate my stomach!  I have issues with milk and this doesn't make me gassy or anything.

Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie using the le-vel thrive shake mix! On my way to lose those 25 lbs! Purchase the shake mix here:

After I drink my shake, I put on my patch.  You can put your patch on anytime you want, but I am just in the routine of doing it after my morning shake.

New pink and purple DFT!!  So excited:)  Go to

They have all these fun colors!  The patch delivers vitamins to your body all day long.  You can put it wherever you want.  I like to keep mine on my back; but I know people who like to show theirs off and they wear it on their arm.

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So, what has Thrive done for me?  Here's just a few things:

1.  The biggest one is my knees.  My knees pop, ache, and swell.  Since starting Thrive, that has almost completely gone away!  My knees feel amazing.  That is my whole reason for taking Thrive.

2.  Energy.  I am a teacher and on the go 24-7.  This stuff powers me through my day!  I used to drink coffee and at least one Monster energy drink everyday.  Now I just take Thrive.  I don't even crave coffee or Monster energy!  It's weird.

3.  Weightloss.  I think I have lost weight just because I feel so much better!  I don't crave the junk I used to crave.  I don't even crave a glass of wine at night!  I just feel... healthy.

4.  My immune system is kicking butt!  Being a teacher, I am always catching whatever cold is going around.  I haven't been sick since starting Thrive- which was last November!

There are more benefits... but you need to do it for yourself.  Humans aren't getting enough nutrition and Thrive helps make up for that!

Thrive Life is for YOU!

Drumroll please.... the best part is you can get it for FREE!  If you sign up, then  you get 2 more people to sign up, your Thrive is free!  

Stop feeling sick and tired! Thrive is like nothing out there! It's all natural, plant-based and gluten free. You take 2 capsules as soon as you wake up, drink a shake 20-30 minutes later and slap on your DFT patch. And then you're ready for you day! Don't wait to feel better later, make the change today!

So here's the link:

ENERGY!  Try it!  It's awesome!!!  Great way to start your summer!  

Nala Bella

Comment below with any questions!

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