Monday, May 11, 2015

Math Workshop: The Hands On Center

M is for math facts
A is for at your seat
T is for teacher group
H is for......
                       Hands On!

I list what they should be doing at each center on our Learning Target board.

Today I am going to explain the Hands On center.

During hands on, students have two choices: Soar to Success or the cards.

I have a schedule for Soar to Success.  Soar to Success is a web based computer program that came with Math Expressions.  The teacher assigns certain skills, and the students work through the lesson on the computer.

The cards are also from Soar to Success.  There is a card for each lesson and they are differentiated for each group.

Here you can see how I used page protectors to hang the cards and computer schedules.  I try to match the color of paper to the color of group.  It makes it easier for the kids to find which one is theirs.

The cards are neat because they align with the lesson.  The pink square group usually has a task to extend their thinking.  The triangle groups usually have a task that is just practice.  The orange circle group has a task that reinforces their background knowledge.  For example, if the skill is measurement, they usually have to get out rulers or meter sticks and explore that measurement.

The cards are almost always created for a group of kids or partners.  Sometimes it's a game that they play, and sometimes they create problems for each other and solve them.  The cards have good directions and the kids do this center without a teacher.  Although I do check on them to make sure they are on task.

So, that is the HANDS-ON center.  :)   If you have any questions, please comment below!  Follow my blog- I'm posting more about how I manage Math Workshop everyday.  I'm even going to reveal how I find the time to set up all these centers!  It's easier than you think....  :)

Nala Bella

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