Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 DAYS left...

There are 5 days left of school.

I think the way I feel is best described by this lovely picture:

I've had these days! Teacher humor. One kid puked, another went nuts and then the power went out and we couldn't use the bathrooms. Lol

My class has completely lost it!!!

Why the End of the School Year is Like an Episode of "Survivor" #weareteachers

They have been struggling lately with behavior.  A few even admitted it and told me that they had been keeping it together all year, and now they were about to lose it.  BUT that was yesterday.

Well- today they lost it!  TWO kids were suspended during recess for two different fights!  AAAHHHH!!!!!

Which doesn't sound like too big of a deal.  Except that of course they had to do it during lunch recess.  Which of course is when I eat lunch.  And use the bathroom.  And make appointments.  And plan and make copies and and and....

So today I was stuck in the office dealing with the two fights.  Grrr.....  So I didn't even get to pee!

WeAreTeachers — 10 Signs You Know It's Testing Day

After recess, I put the smack down!  Talk about strict.  I felt like an old lady witch!  No talking, no getting out of your seat, blah, blah, blah.... DO YOUR WORK!  SSSSHHHHHH!!!

Oh, Bob. The eternal optimist who taught us all how to paint!  #teacherlife

It's days like today that.... well... sigh.  Make me wonder if it's all really worth it???

This will be me in 5 days:

Teacher summer humor


How do you survive the CHAOTIC last few days???  Leave your tips below!

Here's an activity we do the last two days of school- check it out at my TPT store!  It's FREE this week only!  :)

Nala Bella

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