Saturday, May 2, 2015

Making it through the last month of school!

It's MAY!  Finally.... we are at the end of the school year.  As exciting as it sounds, it's one of the busiest times of the year.  It's when everything comes to an end.  It's also when I start to panic!

Last year I freaked out and wrote this lesson plan: Beach Ball Activity.

AAAAHHH!!!  Here's my panic list:

1.  MATH!  Are we going to be able to finish our final unit so they are ready for the next grade?  Will we take our final test on the last day of school?  Will they actually care about a test on the last day?  How mean am I to give a test on the last day!  Ha ha!

2.  REPORT CARDS!  When am I going to do that?

3.  RTI!  I have to finish putting data into the RTI system.  And it takes me forever....  groan.

4.  Class lists for next year.  We have to give input and put those lists together.

5.  End of the year conferences.

6.  Field Day.


So number 7 has me in a panic.  End of the year cleaning... and this year... packing!  I am moving classrooms.  Luckily it is just next door.  I get vaulted ceilings and.... drumroll please.... MY OWN BATHROOM!  I don't have to share with the kids any more.  Which brings me to my point...  what tips or advice do you have to help me make my move more efficient and quicker?  Any tips or tricks would be helpful!  I am down to 4 weeks and I want to make this transition as smooth as possible.

:) Nala Bella

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