Saturday, May 2, 2015


It's that time of year!  MAY.  Such an exciting time, but how do teachers find the energy to make it through?

squinty3 - There is no tired like end of year teacher tired

One of my friends encouraged me to try something new.  It's called Thrive.  You take vitamins, drink a nutritional shake, and wear a patch.  So I tried it.

The idea is that people do not eat right, so they aren't getting the vitamins and nutrients their body needs.  So that is why you feel sluggish and tired.  Plus, we are stressed!  When your body is stressed, it needs more vitamins and nutrients to keep it going.

Let me tell you!  I have never felt so good.  My knees usually ache and pop... and it has stopped.  Completely.  And I have energy!  Tons of glorious energy!
I felt like this dog... like I could run forever!

Here's the link:   THRIVE  You have GOT to try it.  Click the THRIVE link to order.

If you are a teacher, you won't regret it!  Energy and you feel better?

The kids won't know what hit them.... ha ha!
Can you imagine how much better your teaching will be???  Oh, and by the way, I haven't caught any of the colds going around.  So this stuff has got to help with your immune system!  

I also know several people who have lost weight.  I think you lose weight because you feel so healthy, that you want to eat healthy.    

After you sign up for THRIVE, come back and please leave a comment below.  :)

Nala Bella

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