Saturday, June 20, 2015

Inside Recess Blues... SOLVED!

I hate inside recess.

It's been a major problem for me the last couple of years because the school I am at has inside recess in my classroom.  My old school didn't do that.

inside recess

I should tell you I teach 6th grade.  We are dealing with pre-teens who are VERY social.

I have tried many things.  I had a box of games that I bought at Goodwill.  Those were hit and miss- some groups of kids played them and enjoyed them.  But other groups thought they were boring.  Finally, so many pieces were missing or broken that I just threw them all away.

Funny Pictures: Funny Ecards - 33 Pics
This is me after inside recess!

Last year I decided to just let the kids draw, color, read, or talk with friends.  Yeah- that didn't work.  The aids couldn't control them.  They quickly got out of control, and when I returned from my lunch my classroom was a mess!

hey girl - Teacher Ryan Gosling @Jodi Ortiz

I know showing movies is an easy fix- but kids need time to talk and socialize and be active!

Here's my SOLUTION!  Cheap and easy.  :)

Yesterday, I was at the Dollar Store.  An idea STRUCK!  Just like lightning... :)

I bought 10 boxes of cards ($1 each) and this bin to store them in.  

Each box of cards has two sets of cards.  That gives me 20 sets of cards!  I'm going to put each set of cards in a baggie.  I thought about buying those travel soap box things, but I would have to buy 20 of them- and that would be $20 just to store cards!  I'm hoping the baggies work.

Also, I might have to teach them a few games in the beginning of the year.  After their interest is perked, I will be able to leave them with the aid for recess.  YES!  Then I can be a happy teacher again!

Image result for minion teacher happy

Do you have any other cheap ideas to store playing cards?  Please let me know in the comments below.

Also, what ideas have worked for you for inside recess?  

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